APES – Biogeochemical Questions

Answer the following questions for each of the biogeochemocal cycles (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon, and Sulfur):

•How, where, and in what form does it enter and leave the cycle? Indicate the sink and source.
•How is the role of autotrophs and heterotrophs different and the same?

•What are the human impacts on the cycle? How do the impacts differ by industrialized countries, emerging economies, non-industrialized countries, and by continent?

Brainstorm as a group ways in which you might explore the issues of this chapter in your community and take action.

Explain carbon sequestration by the oceans, terrestrial capture by forests, and direct burial of CO2 from power generation.
 Due at the end of class

APES – Restoration Ecology

Read case study on restoration ecology in the Meadowlands, Evaluating Urban Wetland Restorations:
Case Studies for Assessing Connectivity and Function, and analyze. Compare the current metrics of compliance and the proposed metrics of functional progress. Based on the reading which one is better to assess the progress at urban restoration sites. This will be counted as a project grade. Please be detailed in your answer.

Due Dec 15th